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Video: Belgian Beer

What wine is to France, beer is to Belgium. Join host Michael Fagan as he discovers a world of beers that is all about styles, tradition and innovation. Relax at a café, learn how to pour the perfect glass, explore the range of flavours and immerse yourself in a lifestyle that is the beer lovers […]

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Video: Red Wines of Burgundy

Burgundy’s influence in the world of wine far outreaches its geographic footprint. It is the home of pinot noir, a grape that has captured the imagination of winemakers around the globe. (more…)

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Video: Wines of Northern Italy

Video: Discover the Wines of Northern Italy Produced by the LCBO Broadcast Production Group, this video takes us on journey through the wine styles of northern Italy, the land of brilliant sparkling wines, rare truffles, and big, bold Barolo. Opening with a gondola ride in the canals of Venice, the tour passes through Veneto to […]

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10 Ways to Ease a Hangover

Holidays are about celebrations, and with all of the festivities going on this time of year, we thought this would be a great time to post our remedies to ease your hangover pains. The best cure for a hangover is preventing one from happening in the first place, but if you over did it, you […]

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A Visual 9 Step Process: How Champagne is Made

Have you ever wondered how Champagne was made? Here is a quick and easy reference guide that walks you through the process visually in 9 easy steps. Learn how grapes make their way from vineyard to bottle—through pressing, fermentation, blending, ageing, riddling, disgorgement and dosage, all while learning about the grapes, soils and regions from […]

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Discovering the Effects of Post Disgorgement Maturation

There has been a lot of debate on whether champagne labels should carry disgorgement dates. Some critics favor the idea while others do not. The fact that more and more producers are adding this information to labels seems to show precedence in favor of the practice. Why is this? Because wine disgorged six months ago […]

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Enobytes Makes Top 40 Most Influential Wine Websites List

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