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Jon Stewart Sets Chicago Straight on Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza It’s not pizza. It’s a f–king casserole! Jon Stewart of The Daily Show sets Chicagoans straight about their obsession that Chicago’s deep dish pan pizza is better than New York’s world renowned thin crust pizza. “OK I was going to be nice but now you’ve gone too far. Let me explain […]

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Wine Soils I; Gout de Terroir and The Dirteaters

The French have an expression that relates the taste of a wine to the place in which it was grown: gout de terroir. It is loosely translated to taste of the earth or sense of place. Winemakers in every country try to identify such relationships for two reasons. First, it may help them understand their […]

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The Great White North Heads South with Bag-in-Box Wine

Bag-in-Box Wine Committed to producing 100% organic wine in Okanagan Valley, Summerhill Pyramid winery decided to package a couple of their wines bag-in-box. Largely driven by environmental considerations and providing consumers with fresh, quality product, you would expect many to embrace their good intentions. Instead, the B.C. Wine Authority pulled their B.C. Vintners Quality Alliance […]

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Find Benchmarks and Be Truthful In Your Wine Reviews

Find Benchmarks and Be Truthful In Your Wine Reviews I was reading one of Alder’s recent posts, “Being Proud of Your Country’s Wine Doesn’t Mean Anything if You Don’t Drink It.” Charlie Olken, a reader of the blog commented on the post and what he says makes a good point, but so does Alder. All […]

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It’s Time to Level the Playing Field on the West Coast

A long time ago, I wrote a piece predicting Oregon would finally come into the 21st century and sell hard alcohol in supermarkets and club stores. Turns out, I was wrong about that so far and I really do not understand why.  Oregon should and eventually will propose a state sales tax. At that point, […]

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Cruise Drink Packages Causing Debate

Unlike all-inclusive land packages, cruises usually don’t offer drinks in the cost of the ticket—but this business model is beginning to change. Many cruise lines are announcing beverage packages, at an additional cost, of course. This comes as no surprise as cruise ships look for ways to bring in customers and remain competitive. “Royal Caribbean […]

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