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2013 McIntyre Estate Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2013 McIntyre Estate Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA The Santa Lucia Highlands AVA has been dressin for impressin lately, sending out wines that “strut their stuff”.  Appellation America once said, “The Santa Lucia Highlands AVA promises to become a crown jewel of California viticulture.”  (more…)

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2010 Anakota Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review: 2010 Anakota Cabernet Sauvignon “Helena Montana” Knights Valley, California Tasting this wine was truly a magical moment of nostalgia. Taking me back to the days when working for corporate hotels and restaurants afforded the luxury of tasting wines that were out of my reach for purchase.   (more…)

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Chardonnay: Is The Pendulum Swinging Too Far In The Other Direction?

Chardonnay: Is the Pendulum Swinging Too Far in the Other Direction? It wasn’t that long ago when American’s couldn’t get enough of buttery California Chardonnay. Fast forward a decade and we’re in the “Anything but Chardonnay” period. Fast forward another decade and consumers demand a cleaner, austere style. The good news? Winemakers are listening. At […]

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Brazil Makes Wine? Indeed they Do! Salton Cabernet Franc

Wine Review: 2012 Salton Cabernet Franc, Campanha, Brazil Brazil makes wine? Indeed they do, and this Salton Cabernet Franc is a great effort coming from the Campanha region, Brazil’s most southern wine region located adjacent to the country’s border with Uruguay.  (more…)

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No Actual Genies Were Harmed: Patz and Hall Chenoweth Pinot Noir

Wine Review: 2012 Patz and Hall Chenoweth Pinot Noir, Russian River, Sonoma, CA James Hall and Anne Moses, the winemakers at Patz and Hall have unleashed the Genie in the bottle with this fine elixir that exemplifies Russian River Pinot noir at its best. (more…)

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Wow What A Flirt! Brancott Estate Chosen Rows

Wine Review: 2010 Brancott Estate Chosen Rows Wow, what a flirt!  The Brancott Estate Chosen Rows is a spectacular wine—very creamy with balanced acidity, quince and a slight orange that balances it out. (more…)

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