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Wine Terroir: Tradition versus Technological Advance

It may seem like we are beating this subject to death, which may be entirely true. But, we are dealing with a subject that is central to understanding what makes wine grapes grow into beautiful wines. It seems as if one answer leads to more questions. I am indebted to Tom Darnell for pushing me […]

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Don’t Go to Napa without This App!

I don’t write about wine apps very often because I don’t find many that are interesting enough to bring attention to them but I found an app I think you will like—Wine Spectator’s Guide to Napa Valley. It is an awesome little one-stop-shop Napa Valley iPad application that is easy to use and quite extensive. […]

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QR Wine Codes are All the Rage—the 2011 Prediction

I get excited when companies find new ways to (re)use existing technology. Take for example Quick Response (QR) codes—that’s that funny looking box on the redbox movies they call a barcode. Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, companies use them in a much broader context—from tracking applications to mobile tagging. Let me […]

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Seeking Closure: Screw Caps vs. Corks Technical Tasting

I’m reminded every day that the appreciation and enjoyment of wine is a very personal experience. What you like may not be the cat’s meow for someone else. This was evident at the ’10 Oregon Wine Industry Symposium (OWIS), “Technical Tasting: Seeking Closure & Hi-Tech Winemaking“. (more…)

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Mars Device to Ease Adverse Wine Effects

When UC Berkeley Professor Richard Mathies began prototyping the Mars Organic Analyzer (MOA), he never expected it would help millions of wine drinkers that suffer adverse reactions from consuming red wine. Funded through NASA, Mathies set out to develop an instrument to detect life on Mars. His MOA prototype analyzes Martian soil samples to find […]

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Screwcaps and Bottle Aging?

I am writing this article as a follow up to support Marc’s infamous “Corks Versus Screw Caps” story. If you have not had the opportunity to read it yet, please do so. The article debuted on, and we received an overwhelming amount of responses, comments and questions pertaining to the post. Many readers observed […]

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