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Is Social Media Dying a Slow Death?

Is Social Media Dying a Slow Death? Are you wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter? Some might think so.  (more…)

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No Money No Bordeaux Not Always

As Bordeaux tries different tactics to uplift the sagging sales in the American market for consumable wines (not collectibles), a specific marketing plan has been assembled and deployed. Enter the new marketing campaign Planet Bordeaux. (more…)

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Where Will You Spend Your Next Marketing Dollar?

If you’ve been thinking about how to spend your marketing dollar for 2011, listen up.  Predictions are rolling in from various technology and market research sectors and you may be surprised by their findings, especially when it comes to TV, radio and print advertising. The greatest shift is the exponential growth of the new digital […]

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QR Wine Codes are All the Rage—the 2011 Prediction

I get excited when companies find new ways to (re)use existing technology. Take for example Quick Response (QR) codes—that’s that funny looking box on the redbox movies they call a barcode. Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, companies use them in a much broader context—from tracking applications to mobile tagging. (more…)

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Understanding Twitter for Wine Geeks (Part III: Growing Your Business)

Many of you in the wine biz have been anxiously waiting for a discussion on how to grow your business using twitter so let’s cut to the chase and get down to business. Back in the 90’s one of my first restaurant Sommelier gigs was working for the Kimpton Group in San Francisco. I was […]

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Twitter Lingo for Wine Geeks (Part II: #Hashtags)

Twitter Lingo for Wine Geeks (Part II: #Hashtags) If you managed to survive our last post on how to find and follow wine twitters,  your’re ready to dive into our next topic, #hashtags, so lets get down to business. Today we’ll dig into using #hashtags efficiently so that you get the most out of what […]

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