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We publish wine, food & experience reviews both here and on our social media channels, offering millions of impressions yearly. Our tweets alone earn 41.5K impressions monthly. And our 137K unique monthly Enobytes readers hit 6 million pages yearly. If you want this sort of visibility for your brand, read on…

As for wine, we don’t judge a bottle by spending thirty seconds with it. Why? Because wine evolves in the bottle and giving it a score having spent a millisecond with it is unjust! Speed tasting is a wrong approach for reviewing. This is why we drink wine as a consumer would, one bottle at a time with a meal and good company—and we don’t construct an opinion until we finish the last drop. No other publication can make this claim.

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Use our reviews for shelf talkers to market and sell your wine

Samples do not guarantee a review, but we do guarantee fairness of all write-ups.  Although price is not a factor, we consider the wine’s value and quality to be of equal importance.

We publish our reviews both here and/or social media channels and iPhone wine applications. To date, we have great readership–137K unique monthly readers with over 7.1 million hits anticipated in 2017, which means your review will receive lots of exposure—but the visibility reach goes way beyond that through social media channels and iphone apps. We frequently post reviews via twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest (among a gazillion other social media platforms out there) to reach and target wine audiences.

Putting it into perspective, if we tweet a story to our 32K+ twitter followers and 3,100+ share the story with their followers and 600+ twitter followers re-tweet the story to their followers (which is our record thus far), well, you do the math!  The visibility is huge.  Multiply that with the other social media applications we interact with along with the wine apps and you have unlimited possibilities and exposure.

Interested in sending samples?  Send two bottles of each wine (one if under stelvin enclosure). Please include a contact name and telephone number so that we may reach you with questions. Supporting material is encouraged, but not required. We also review restaurants and destinations. If you’d like to work with us, send Pamela Heiligenthal an email.

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QVV Award

What Is The Quality Value Vintner (QVV) Award?


A Quality Value Vintner’s Award (QVV) is something that is not obtained with one vintage. These awards are given to vintners, who year after year, bring to market quality products that represent an outstanding value.