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Livermore: It’s not just for Nuclear Secrets Anymore

California wine. Now-quick, what do you think of? Napa? Sonoma? Santa Barbara or Paso Robles? Yes, yes, yes and…oh, yes. But these are not the only areas growing wine in the state and of course, even in this economy, places like Temecula in the south, Lodi in the north and Lake County in the north continue to produce some quality wines.

Livermore vineyards. Photo credit: vinodiary.com

So does Livermore. Yes, the Bay Area city with the name that reminds you of Midwest dinners tossed with onions and high tech science laboratories where government agents with names like Mr. Green and Mr. Black do strange and secret  Read the full story

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Is it time for a winemaking intervention?

Rubarb wine

Winemaking intervention

For the forty years I have been involved with wine there has been one story on the fringe operating in the background never in the spotlight and always conversed about in hushed tones among serious enophiles, always there yet never spoken of and even as I begin to write this I feel I may have unearthed a subject better left alone.

Those of you who know me personally know this is a serious fault of mine.  If I have a pain, I keep poking at it, as if that might make it better somehow.  What I do know about that theory is that if it doesn’t kill you it will probably get better. A real big emphasis on the probably, just like I probably will not make many friends with this column but it is time the truth was told. Head on over to Wine Bytes,  my wine blog on OregonLive,  to check out my latest post here.

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New Friends Worth Knowing

On the next segment of this California road trip we will talk about the wonderful visit we had to Napa Valley to visit a property we have driven past but never knew its past. Read the full story

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Monterey Wine Festival: October 16 & 18

Monterey Wine Festival

On Thursday, October 16 from 7:30-10:30PM, the Monterey Wine Festival will kick off its 32nd annual event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Wine enthusiasts as well as wine buyers and media are welcome to the event, which will sponsor over 300 wines and gourmet food samples from local restaurants. Tickets are only $99. Read the full story

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Vaynerchuk Versus Proctor or Pride and Prejudice in Napa

A couple of posts back I mentioned the entity known as Crushpad to introduce another exciting option wine enthusiasts have for procuring custom made premium quality wine. After reading the following post, it may become an idea that not only sounds advantageous but also an idea whose time has come.

The reason I mention this option again is there is a current debate about the fall of the great Napa region’s reputation and Read the full story

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