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The Soul of Lodi

The Soul of Lodi

A couple of days ago I read on the Wines and Vines website a story about the Lodi-Woodbridge Grape Commission. It seems they have changed their name and their mission. Now known as the Lodi Winegrape Commission, their new operation is directed towards consumers.

It seems about time. There was a time when Lodi was a place where there were wine grapes growing as far as the eye could see but nary a winery to sample the finished product. Over time, less and less grapes were being used for bulk wine and more and more independent small family run wineries were competing side-by side with the corporate conglomerates. The days of Gallo, Mondavi Woodbridge and CK Mondavi Read the full story

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2007 Harney Lane Petite Sirah Lodi, CA

2007 Harney Lane Petite Sirah, Lodi, CA

Back in the early seventies some of my first California wine experiences began in Lodi because back then I was stationed at Castle AFB. At that point in time almost all the grapes from the region went to the Gallo, Rossi or Mondavi family. The region now is home to high quality wines made by fourth and fifth generation winegrowers and it is really no surprise. The area has always been able to produce quality; just back then quantity was the name of the game.

On a recent trip to judge the California State Fair home winemaking competition, I was fortunate enough to be reintroduced to the region by Mark Chandler the Executive Director of the Lodi – Woodbridge Winegrape Commission and what a fantastic job he and his staff did. The day culminated with a paella dinner that was probably the best paella I have ever been served. Read the full story

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2007 Peirano Estate Malbec Lodi

I really liked this wine as I have a fondness for the Lodi appellation wines that goes back to the seventies when I was a young soldier stationed at Castle AFB.

Lodi has changed over the years and in a good way.  Now more than ever, great wines are being made there. The use of rotary fermentation seems to also be gaining popularity in this appellation. Aging in new French and American oak for 12 months adds some complexity to the final product as well.

The fact that this varietal was their first production gets me very excited about trying the next vintage. I also appreciate the quickness Lodi growers and vintners move when they think a different grape might do well in their climate. Read the full story

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