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ABC – Really?

Anything but Chardonnay (ABC) is what the acronym in the title of this article stands for—this phrase came out in the 90’s when a lot of wine consumers (mostly here in America and maybe Australia) thought if it’s going to be white wine it will probably be Chardonnay.

It was a buzzword for many signaling the folks who used it had a broad knowledge of wine and had grown weary of the Chardonnay varietal. Referred to by wine industry professionals, the ABC crowd sent a signal that welcomed the expansion of white wines that would increase consumption of the various other white wine varietals. Why? Because it opens up space on wine lists and retailer shelves to the many other white wine varietals that had primarily been the sole purchases of Europeans and small groups of educated wine enthusiasts from the rest of the world.

There is not a lot of love shown for Chardonnay in the press this time of year, but truth be told there are a plethora Read the full story

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2007 Titus Cabernet Franc

Yes the dreaded 89. Why so many wineries despise the 89 is beyond me. It means it was almost an A (excellent) instead of just a very good. Vintages for different varieties (especially Cabernet Franc) can be quite varied in Napa – more than Sonoma (weather is a bit more consistent) but consistency in grapes leads to predictability.

In this vintage, the Napa 2007 Titus Cabernet Franc did not develop the complexity this vineyard has produced in the past. That being said, it is a very good wine and a welcomed beverage at my dinner table any time.  The trademark dusty earthy flavors are evident but not pronounced and the wide culinary pairings available with past vintages are reigned in a bit with this one. Read the full story

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2006 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Savignon

Freemark Abbey Cabernet Savignon

Freemark Abbey kicks it with their ’06 Napa Valley Cabernet. Read the full story

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A Balanced Bruiser, the Heavyweight of Cage-Fighters

It’s a balanced bruiser, the heavyweight of cage-fighters. You can say what you will about so-called corporate wines but when Mondavi say’s it’s the best they have to offer they mean it. Every detail in this wines flavor profile exudes luxury. No expense was spared to produce the wonderful nectar of fermented grape juice I tasted in my glass. I would have bit off anyone’s hand had someone mistakenly reached for my glass as I coveted and languished over it until the bottle was empty. What wine am I talking about? Read the full story

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2007 Napa Valley Rocca Bad Boy Red

The 2007 Napa Valley Rocca Bad Boy Red is a great Bordeaux style blend and a solid effort worth seeking out.

This blend kicks it hard and will make you sit up and take notice. It has soft and supple tannins paired with big bold flavors.

The aromas are red fruit fading to black; flavors exude quality new American oak rendering vanilla and spice. Broad culinary applications (hold back delicate seafood and citrus sauces). Read the full story

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Make-a-Wish Foundation, An Interview with Peter Mondavi Jr.

When I was invited to attend the “Make a Wish Foundation” dinner at Morton’s on April 28, I had no idea the extent of the education I would receive in just the amount of time it takes to eat dinner.  Well, I probably should include the time spent at the bar.

Peter Mondavi Jr. has been holding dinners at Morton's in several cities for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the help of marketing genius Tylor Field III, Morton’s VP of Wine & Spirits in an effort to fund a valiant cause and bring more awareness about Charles Krug Wines to those who attend. I arrived at Morton’s in Portland a little early. I was quickly greeted and introduced to the facilitator for the evening’s event. After introducing myself and handing out the prerequisite business card, I was told Mr. Mondavi would be ready in a few minutes so I thought it was an appropriate time to head to the bar for a quick beer. Read the full story

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