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On the heals of promoting my essay “Who Cares” for the Harper Collins publishing competition that Anthony Bourdain’s partnered with to promote his new book Medium Raw (which by the way was an entertaining read), I was jolted into the present with an article I read on Wine Business.com.  Now I find out the fabulous folks we have representing us in Washington D.C. have a different take on what it means to care. Enter HR5034 otherwise known as C.A.R.E  “The Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness” bill hr5034.

This lovely piece of legislation is another attempt to limit your choices as a wine consumer here in the United States. There are currently 151 congressmen and congresswomen who have co-sponsored this bill. Unless you live in Oregon or Washington there’s a pretty good chance you live somewhere that the representative your state sent to Congress is supporting this bill. I was shocked that there is actually someone from California who is co-sponsoring it.

Tom Wark over at Fermentation has been telling us about this at first, and then he was warning us about it up to and including the date the committee held hearings. Not too many people were listening then Read the full story

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Top 10 Wackiest Wine Laws That Still Exist

Top 10 Wackiest Wine Laws That Still Exist

We all know how ridiculous U.S. wine laws can be across the board. I could probably spend the better part of my day listing all of the absurdities, but in conjunction we have contacted our legal department at Dewey, Drink-Man and Howe (DDMH) and they have made the following comments on these laws… Read the full story

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Cat Fight at the OLCC – Let the Fur Fly

Hold onto your hat’s folks there is a storm a brewing down at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Laws pertaining to how the retail wine outlets purchase their wine has changed dramatically this year leaving some of the wholesale distribution companies out in the cold.

OLCC and Distributors Duke it out These are not exactly the types of guys who get shut out so I would watch closely as the fur begins to fly; but before we get into this story I thought you might enjoy reading who is exempt from OLCC licensing requirements. During my research about this subject, I uncovered a few ORS statutes that left me scratching my head. Who Knew?
left quote 471.162 Persons exempted from license requirement. (1) Hospitals, sanitariums, convalescent homes, rest homes, retirement homes and facilities for the care of the elderly that have been licensed or registered by the state may sell and serve alcoholic beverages to patients, inmates and residents, and to bona fide visitors and guests of patients, inmates and residents, without a license issued under this chapter. Facilities authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages without a license under this subsection may not sell or serve alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m. except upon a physician’s prescription. right quote

This provision is a little scary up until the inmates are mentioned then it gets a lot scary, even scarier after the 10PM cutoff unless the Doc say’s its OK is included. Read the full story

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