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2011 Valentine Lucky, Lucky Me!

I often hear in the media and from personal acquaintances that a lot of women and even more men hate Valentine’s Day.  I can understand if you are single and are looking for romance, but if you have a good thing going and that can mean a lot of things, embrace it. I have and I do and that’s worked pretty good for me for a couple of decades. Many of you who read my dribble know I make reference to Pamalicious and now you can see why I have the feeling of a man who won the lottery every day of my life. Read the full story

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Umpqua, Jeremiah, Toonces and the Unraveled Travels Of MacDaddy Marc

Yesterday, Jeremiah convinced me it was time to get in the car and head south to visit a couple wineries that fly under the radar. So off we went to shine the spotlight of recognition on them to receive a little well earned praise. Next thing you know, the cat, the bullfrog and I are heading south on I-5 towards Roseburg and the Umpqua Valley.  When you drive around with a wine swilling reptile and a grey cat that likes to drive as much as Toonces, it makes the time go by fast when you’re traveling.  Beside it’s a good plan to have a designated driver on trips like this and since the cat doesn’t drink it seemed like a pretty good idea. He’s got no points against his license mostly because he doesn’t drink and drive—or it could be because his license does not exist.  That being said, south bound on I-5 and a few hours later which means Jeremiah was definitely already drunk (that frog keeps finding ways to imbibe, it’s hard to keep an eye on him when I am driving) the cat just thinks he is funnier that way. Read the full story

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Reach Out and Support the ¡SALUD! Pinot Noir Auction

On November 12th and 13th, winemakers and wine aficionados will come together for a long weekend of wine, food and fun to raise money, ensuring the health of the workforce on which Oregon’s wine industry so heavily depends.

Now in it’s 18th year, ¡Salud! will be kicking off its annual auction on November 12th to support efforts of bringing healthcare to seasonal vineyard workers and their families. Even with the latest healthcare bill being passed, this initiative does not cover seasonal workers, which is why ¡Salud!, Needs Your Support More Than Ever.

According to the healthcare bill, if an employee works for a company fewer than 120 days each year, he is considered seasonal, and the company does not have to include him in the employee count.

Demand for ¡Salud!’s services continues to rise. In 2009, 3,575 workers and family members registered in the program – an increase of 9% over 2008. 1,002 wellness screenings were given at the worksite, 3,492 dental procedures were performed and 1,232 medical clinic visits were documented.  There are similarly significant numbers for emergency care grants, discounts negotiated with healthcare providers and so on. It’s an essential service but one that’s being increasingly squeezed by demand. Read the full story

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Two New Wine Books Worth Reading

As far as wine books go, I’m usually not a fan of wine and food pairing books nor am I enthused by publications that focus on location specific regions but I came across a few you might want to check out. I mean, as far as food and wine pairing books go, most of them are mundane and flat – fish pairs with white wine! Wow, what a concept – now that’s worth a read. When it comes to region specific, too many books fill the pages with what looks like the yellow pages for the wine industry. Read the full story

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In Honor of David Lett, Oregon’s Papa Pinot

It’s a very sad day here in Oregon with the announcement that David Lett, our pioneering "Papa Pinot", died Thursday at the age of 69.

At the tender age of 25, David Lett came to Oregon with a vision of making great wines. Although professors at the University of California Davis advised against planting in Oregon, the ambitious U.C. Davis graduate arrived with 3,000 grape cuttings and a theory. In 1965, he rooted Pinot noir in Oregon and made history by planting the first Pinot gris in America – a true pioneer which later fostered a fitting nickname for Lett, "Papa Pinot". In 1966, he opened Eyrie Vineyards as many other growers followed suit.
David Lett
Photo credit: Eyrie Vineyards

David Lett
Photo credit: www.avalonwine.com

Shortly thereafter, Lett entered a number of international competitions and defeated many of France’s burgundies. The competitions immediately placed Oregon on the map as a world class Pinot noir producing region, and producers from around the world took notice and attracted vintners like Domaine Drouhin, which built a state-of-the-art Oregon winery in the late 80’s. Since then, the Oregon wine industry has continued to flourish.

For forty years, David’s Pinot noir style remained classic and elegant, as he followed traditional and old-fashioned winemaking principles. David’s son, Jason, who took over the reigns of winemaking three years ago, plans to follow his example when it comes to his own winemaking principles and philosophy.

David is a legend in his own right and many will dearly miss him. Our condolences go out to his family and close friends.

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Cat Fight at the OLCC – Let the Fur Fly

Hold onto your hat’s folks there is a storm a brewing down at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Laws pertaining to how the retail wine outlets purchase their wine has changed dramatically this year leaving some of the wholesale distribution companies out in the cold.

OLCC and Distributors Duke it out These are not exactly the types of guys who get shut out so I would watch closely as the fur begins to fly; but before we get into this story I thought you might enjoy reading who is exempt from OLCC licensing requirements. During my research about this subject, I uncovered a few ORS statutes that left me scratching my head. Who Knew?
left quote 471.162 Persons exempted from license requirement. (1) Hospitals, sanitariums, convalescent homes, rest homes, retirement homes and facilities for the care of the elderly that have been licensed or registered by the state may sell and serve alcoholic beverages to patients, inmates and residents, and to bona fide visitors and guests of patients, inmates and residents, without a license issued under this chapter. Facilities authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages without a license under this subsection may not sell or serve alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m. except upon a physician’s prescription. right quote

This provision is a little scary up until the inmates are mentioned then it gets a lot scary, even scarier after the 10PM cutoff unless the Doc say’s its OK is included. Read the full story

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