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’69 Dodge Dart Swingers and Cashmere

When I saw the 2008 Cline Cashmere Mourvedre, the name reminded me of a wine that was recently poured at the Wine Bloggers Conference held in Walla Walla, WA in June. The wine that sprung to mind was an Australian blend similar to the makeup of this fine example of MGS and the wine I am referring to was the most expensive wine being poured for the bloggers and the manufacturer made a point that everyone knew it. The name Cashmere  emulated the wine the previously mentioned failure was trying to become and I was dismayed to see how many novices were hoodwinked with a sticker price without seeing it race down the drag strip. Read the full story

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The berryliciousness of Petite Sirah

The 2007 Quivira Petite Sirah has bright fruity aromas and plenty of depth.  This wine exceeds your expectations immediately.

Quivira has produced a lot of great wines over the years but have also released a few clunkers.  Just as I have written reviews that were spot on and some that took a bit of bias, this one is a spectacular wine bringing briar berry aromas and smooth as silk finishes — the berryliciousness of this wine was off the chart. The persistence of the finish draws you back instantly. ~Marc Hinton

Rating: 91 | $26 | 14.7% ABV

Find this wine to buy: Vinquire | WineZap.com

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Spring Wine Releases Worthy of Attention

I tried another wine from the Rosa D’ Oro winery down in Lake County California last night and low and behold folks we have another winner! The 2005 Primitivo (a close relative to the Zinfandel grape) was fabulous; deep woodsy aromas with
big, juicy, luscious flavors with intense fruit flavors. These folks are making some of the best Italian varietals I have tasted in a decade.

Speaking of new releases (well if we weren’t we are now) there are quite a few from our neighborhood scheduled for Read the full story

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Looking for something different? Try Dolcetto

Dolcetto originates in the Piedmont region of Italy, where it is overshadowed by the more powerful and concentrated Nebbiolo and even Barbera. In California, there are less than 100 acres under vine, typically grown by expatriate Italians. The grape produces deeply-pigmented wines, thick with fruit character, high in natural acidity and having only mild tannins. Dolcetto is best consumed young, as its youthful fruit character fades quicker than its acidity.

Lake County can produce phenomenal wines and the 2005 Rosa D’ Oro Dolcetto is one of them. Sticking to old-school winemaking techniques, this winemaker has brought out the best in this grape. Read the full story

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Enobytes Top 25 Wines of 2007

Enobytes Top 25 Wines of 2007

To commemorate a great year we’ve released our top 25 wines for 2007. The list showcases the best wines we tasted with a particular emphasis on quality products that represent outstanding values. Making the list for 2007 are the following wines, which scored a 90+ rating based on a 100-point scale in order of points received. Read the full story

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Enobytes Top Wine Surprises for 2007

Enobytes Top Wine Surprises for 2007

We’ve released our top wine surprises for 2007. These wines may or may not still be available for purchase. If you laid some of these down for consumption later, you are a savvy enophile.

AMAICHA Torrontes 2005
Amaicha Designation: N/A
Vineyard: N/A
Region: Mendoza
Value: $5.00
Score: 87
This wine blew our socks off and was as economical as it was good.

Big floral notes on the aroma mingled with honeysuckle, tropical flavors and spice assault the palate; sensual texture rewards all the way through the finish. Then the temperature rises during consumption and this wine evolves again and again. Complex and alluring, the culinary pairings are extensive with Roasted Turkey being a the first thing that springs to mind and nutty cheeses such as Comete, Mancheco and Iberico.

MARYHILL WINERY “Winemakers Blend” 2004
Maryhill Designation: N/A
Vineyard: N/A
Region: Washington
Value: $15
Score: 94
Huge flavors in a package that pleases. One of the fullest flavored blends I’ve ever tasted.

Maryhill has been making some awesome products these days and this is certainly one of them. This HUGE flavored “Winemakers Blend” of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc had me screaming for more. Bordeaux style with oomph is a good way to describe this muscular wine with refined characteristics. The pronounced fruit is highlighted through and through riding on the exceptionally large and well balanced structure. Generous chocolate and subtle smoky tobacco flavors cascade across the palate with a silky texture and end with a deliciously long finish usually only showcased by wines costing four times as much. Maryhill Winery has set their sites on being a destination for wine, food and entertainment and with products this good the Columbia Gorge will be a well traveled road.

Read the full story

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