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Discovery of the Oldest Winemaking Equipment Ever Found

Oldest Winemaking Equipment Ever Found

A team of archeologists from Armenia, the United States and Ireland discovered the oldest winemaking equipment ever found in an Armenian cave. The facility, which dates back to roughly 4100 B.C.—1,000 years older than the earliest comparable find, unearthed a complete wine production site, including fermentation and storage vessels, grape seeds, withered grape vines, and a rudimentary wine press. A desiccated grape vine was found adjacent to the wine press and is reported to have grown around 4000 BC based on carbon dating. Read the full story

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2011 Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship

In 2011, the fourth annual Wine Bloggers Conference will take place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The conference is the premier event for wine bloggers and others involved in the wine industry to gather, network, learn, debate and explore topics of the world of wine.

This year, we are proud to be partnering with the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship fund. There are many bloggers that are unemployed, or simply cannot afford to make the trip to Virginia. This fund aims to select bloggers who wish to learn more about blogging, develop their writing style, and network with other bloggers and industry professionals in a creative, fun environment.

100% of the proceeds will be given to the Wine Bloggers Conference for their scholarship efforts. Please consider contributing, as your donation* is tax deductible as defined in Section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. You may donate below or give directly from the WBC Scholarship site. No amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information, visit the Wine Bloggers Conference or Scholarship site. Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship may do so starting January 1st.

*As with all charitable donations, please consult with your tax accountant or attorney to determine available tax benefits.

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Spain: A Diverse Landscape of Innovation & Pleasure

Spain: A Diverse Landscape of Innovation & Pleasure

It was bound to happen. We fell in love with Spain. Traveling across its vast and spirited landscape, we experienced its diversity of all things wine and food—from the traditional and rustic to the conventional and avant-garde—encountering the creations of Spain´s most innovative winemakers and chefs.

WE HEADED EAST on N-122 towards medieval Peñafiel, a small town known for its spectacular 15th century cliffside castle, which overlooked the village of red-roofed houses, labyrinth narrow streets and restaurants. Read the full story

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Madrid to Ribera del Duero

For a Friday morning we got out of bed pretty early and got down to the bar for a couple of double espressos made like they should always be made – strong  but not bitter and hot enough to stay that way for more than a minute.  Northwest baristas should spend some time in Spain so they can learn to serve a proper pull. I’m not disparaging all baristas, but you slackers know who you are.  Now we are ready to jump into the shuttle and off to the airport to get our Avis rental car.

When we arrived back at the airport to pick up our rental car, I was impressed with Pamela’s decision to go with electronic navigation. It later proved to be a lifesaver.  It was more like, “I’m not getting in that car with you without one”. Pamela hates maps. I can find anything. However, the Tom–Tom was a coveted accessory by the time we made it to Ribera Del Duero.  The lack of clearly marked road signs and the use of rotaries at every intersection made navigating while driving a stick shift (the first time in over 17 years) slow, awkward and near impossible.  If I do not say it enough I am lucky to have married such an intelligent woman. Spending three weeks driving around Spain made that last statement even more relevant as the trip progressed on. Read the full story

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Wine Tidbits: Coke, Green Fairies and Travel

The infamous Absinthe now appearing at a liquor store near you:
The green fairy came for a visit and I have to say I enjoyed her company. If you haven’t tried the real deal, go out and get yourself a bottle. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how smooth the anise flavored libation goes down. Read the full story

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Business Travel and Wine Destinations

Business Travel and Wine Destinations

For all those who travel on business and don’t take advantage of the wineries to visit in your destination cities, this column is for you. There are several good reasons beyond your own selfish needs that make visiting any available winery within reach during your business travel advisable and in some cases even necessary and I will list the top ten now… Read the full story

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