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2004 Villa Cerna Riserva Sangiovese

Villa Cerna Riserva Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy

I have tasted a lot of Chianti and over the years and the style has changed a bit here and there but like all things Italian, its survival relies on striving towards a slow path to perfection. This wine is getting there faster than most with style and grace. It opens with aromas of red clay like newly formed bricks mingled with the smell of cherry and blackberry. Read the full story

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2005 Fattoria Selvapiana Sangiovese, Italy

Fattoria Selvapiana Sangiovese: It’s really a wonderful thing when you stay away from a particular varietal for a while and when you do try one you find a fabulous wine that hits all the notes and impresses beyond your expectations. I got a little spoiled with a Sangiovese last year that I can no longer get so rather than be disappointed I have just not bought any for a while now and that included Chianti. I have tasted this wine before and always been satisfied; I can’t say past vintages have impressed me as much as this one has. The wine is a Leonardo Locassio selection and his reputation for bringing great Italian wines to the USA is equal to Kermit Lynch’s ability to find great French wines. Read the full story

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